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Laser Dentistry in Buckingham, PA

When you think of lasers, your first thought may not be about how laser dentistry can benefit your smile, however, laser dentistry can help make certain dental visits easier and can help you restore your smile. At Buckingham Dentistry, Dr. Laurie Anne Stanell uses the high-tech innovation of the VersaWave Erbium-Yag laser to treat a variety of issues in your smile and to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

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What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is as straightforward as it sounds. Using cutting-edge technology, Dr. Stanell is able to use a laser to perform certain treatments in a less-invasive method. This form of dentistry is extremely unique - Dr. Stanell is one of a small number of dentists in the United States who use the VersaWave Erbium-Yag laser. 

The VersaWave Erbium-Yag laser is also known as a hard and soft tissue laser. This means that the laser can be used for treatments both on the soft gum tissue and hard tissues that may usually need incisions to treat. Laser dentistry can help with both cosmetic and restorative treatments, making it an all-around good choice for any dental treatments you may need. 

Some of the procedures Dr. Stanell can perform using laser dentistry include:

  • Fixing gummy smiles
  • Filling cavities
  • Dental reconstruction - crowns and implants
  • Teeth cleaning

An important benefit of laser dentistry is that healing time after treatment is usually quicker than other forms of dentistry. Because laser dentistry is mostly non-invasive, procedures performed using a laser often do not require anesthesia. You’ll have fewer issues with bleeding gums and have a shorter recovery time!

Laser dentistry is also a great way for kids to experience certain procedures because it eliminates the need for drills and can eliminate loud noises, making children less afraid to see their dentist.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Take advantage of this unique dental technology by asking your dentist if laser dentistry is the right choice for your upcoming dental procedure. Contact Dr. Laurie Anne Stanell at Buckingham Dentistry in Holicong, PA, at today to learn more about the VersaWave Erbium-Yag laser and how it can keep your smile healthy!

If You Are Interested In Learning More About Laser Dentistry From Dr. Laurie Anne Stanell, Call Our Buckingham/Holicong, PA Office At (215) 794-3898 Today!

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