Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry In Buckingham, PA

Just as it’s important that you trust the doctors responsible for your general health you want to make sure that you find a dentist that is also focused on giving you proper dental care and services you can trust. Dr. Stanell and her team, know that you have many choices when it comes to deciding on a dentist and we value those patients who believe in what we do and the care that we offer.

Buckingham PA Holistic Dentistry

That is why we are dedicated to providing all patients with holistic dentistry services. Your oral and general health are interconnected, and that oral care isn’t just about having healthy teeth and gums but also about your emotional wellbeing and overall health. A clean and healthy smile also means a sound and happy body.

Here at our holistic dental practice we are focused on providing all necessary dental services to patients of all ages in a relaxed and professional setting. When you come into our office you may find that our practices also blend the science of dentistry with the whole body’s experience. By offering this unique approach to dentistry we can also tailor your treatments and procedures so they are advantageous for your systemic health, as well.

Some of the principles of holistic dentistry include,

  • Providing the proper nutritional advice to prevent or reverse progressive dental diseases that could also impact your general health
  • Provide dental restorations that are free of toxins
  • Provide dental treatments that only promote better oral health and don’t do harm to you the patient
  • Offer only mercury-free dental restorations

Many dental restorations have been created using amalgam, which contain toxic materials like mercury that could potentially have some serious long-term effects on a patient’s health. When you come in for dental work you can feel confident that here at Laurie Anne Stanell DMD,PC , - Buckingham Dentistry , we will always provide dental fillings, bridges and crowns that are non-toxic and safe for your teeth and your body.

If you want to learn more about holistic dentistry in Buckingham, PA
and how it can improve your smile and wellbeing, call our office at (215) 794-3898.

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